Abiotex Global Pvt. ltd is developing a variety of consumable goods whether it is home care, beauty care, personal care, sanitizers or health care, shaped by the promise of biology and contribute sustainable environment and walk on the path of Legend Mr. Rajiv Dixit specially remembered for revolutionary journey of Ayurveda.

Abiotex is committed to help solving global challenges. Our step into a future of better business for customers, for Abiotex, and for the world. Our contribution and working with Gaushala raising a hand to protect cows and provide a healthy environment, influencing people to contribute for nature’s eco system

Our expertise, educating farmers to do organic farming and use organic fertilizer made from cow’s dung that is also considered as the best fertilizer for farming. Encouraging farmers to grow neem, aloe Vera, tulsi, mustard seed, rich in anti-oxidants, skin friendly, providing natural remedies for all our health problems without possessing any harm to environment.

It looks ahead to what we can achieve together with customers, consumers, farmers, Gaushala and others around us in the terms of finding the sustainable answers that our world needs. we also contribute our involvement with social programs and charitable endeavors.

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